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Environmental friendly dyes should include the following ten aspects
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(1) It does not contain azo dyes which are explicitly stipulated by the German government, the European Community and eco tex Standard 100, which will release 22 carcinogenic aromatic amines under specific conditions, regardless of whether these carcinogenic aromatic amines are free in the dyes or produced by dye pyrolysis;

(2) It is not an allergic dye;

(3) It is not a carcinogenic dye;

(4) It is not an acute toxic dye;

(5) The content of extractable heavy metals is below the limit value;

(6) No environmental hormone;

(7) It does not contain chemicals that may cause environmental pollution;

(8) There are no volatile compounds and persistent organic pollutants;

(9) The formaldehyde content is below the prescribed limit value;

(10) There are no varieties of restricted pesticides and the total amount is below the prescribed limit value;

Strictly speaking, the dyes that can meet the above requirements should be called environmental friendly dyes. In addition to meeting the above requirements, the real environmental protection dyes should be environmentally friendly in the production process, and do not produce "three wastes". Even if a small amount of "three wastes" are generated, they can be treated by conventional methods to meet the national and local environmental and ecological requirements.

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